Group Pilates & Class Levels

Pilates Matwork Classes 

We offer small group classes ensuring clients are given individual advice and hands on attention throughout the session. We teach the person, not the exercise, allowing you to progress at the right pace for you. Group classes are limited to 10 and are run on a 5-8 week course basis (following school term times - half term blocks) with pay as you go classes available in the holidays. Pay as you go holiday classes are open to all members who have either done some Pilates before or attended a Beginners introductory session.

Mats are provided (although you may wish to bring your own) along with any other equipment that may be needed to assist, progress or modify an exercise. Within each class we aim to provide a friendly, relaxed and informative environment.

All clients are asked to fill out a screening form before commencing a session so that classes can be tailored to suit the needs of those attending. If you have an injury or have doubts about your physical fitness, please consult your doctor or physiotherapist and speak to us before enrolling. An initial one-to-one session may be appropriate. 


 6 week course: £60   Pay as you go (PAYG) holiday class: £12

Next BEGINNERS introductory session:

Saturday 1st May 11.00am-12.15pm - £15

NEXT BEGINNERS 8-week course

Tuesday 7th June 7.00-8.00pm - £80

Class Levels Explained:

Beginner - This is for clients who have never done Pilates before but want to get started or for those with a little experience who want to recap on the basics. Learn the basic principles of the Pilates technique and improve your awareness of your body as it moves; focusing on posture, correct abdominal connection, breath and placement. All new beginners must complete a one off pre-arranged beginners introductory group or private class before joining a mixed ability course. If possible, a class will be run the week before a course start date. If you have an injury or more specific needs then a private session may be more suitable.

Gentle Pilates - Whilst all of our Mixed Ability classes can cater for and benefit those with general back pain and injury, this class is designed to be of benefit to those recovering from illness, specific back problems or injury, those resuming exercise after a long absence or those with specific conditions who have been advised to exercise gently and with more care. The pace will be careful and unhurried giving the teacher time to tailor exercises and levels to the needs of those within the class. Before coming to class, we always ask that you have been cleared to do Pilates by your doctor or specialist.

Improver - This is for those clients that have completed a Beginner class and wish to consolidate their initial learning and challenge their understanding further. Ideal for those who have a few more aches and pains as it runs at a slower pace to mixed ability classes and is perfect for those wanting a slightly gentler approach. The exercises and option of different levels will be tailored to the needs of those within the class.

Mixed ability - If you have done Pilates before or have completed one of our Beginner’s Introductory Sessions and have no serious injuries then these classes are for you. Classes are designed to cater for varying levels of Pilates experience from improvers to those who are more experienced giving clients a range of options and alternatives on exercises so that they can progress at their own pace. Small equipment may often be used including; resistance bands, rollers, circles, softballs and so much more!

Intermediate - This class is for clients who have been attending Pilates classes for more than 5 years and are very familiar with the Pilates exercises, corrections and cueing.

​Pilates Class swap system

We run a courtesy ‘class swap’ system for our termly-booked classes, please see full terms and conditions for more details. 

Health screening and waiver form