Body Rolling Workshops (myofascial release)

Learn to fix your own body with easy body rolling techniques you can take home and use on a daily basis to relieve built up areas of stress and tension.


Body Rolling workshops run every 4-6 weeks at The Belmore Centre. In these 2 hour workshops we work our way around the muscles of the body, from your feet to your head. Similar to the effects of a deep sports massage, the different balls become the hands of the therapist and the person's weight creates the traction, gentle movement allows the body to elongate and create a deep sense of release. the aim of these workshops is to free the body of restrictions, release the muscles and fascia, eliminate stress and tension and leave you feeling calm and balanced.

This workshop will be run on Zoom so you can attend virtually from the comfort of your own home. All equipment will be loaned out and can be collected before the workshop begins.

Cost: £26.00

Next Body Rolling Workshop Dates:

Friday 23rd October 6.00-8.00pm

How to book:
Login or register on the homepage, click on timetable, go to the date of the workshop you wish to attend, click on workshop and it will take you through booking.