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Wednesday - 09:30 / 60 mins
Belmore Centre
PAYG Class - £12
Classes Block 6 - £60
Caz Hitchcock
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Tel: 07817 830390
Gentle movement combined with hands on integral adjustment and fascial release; these sessions are focused on developing core strength and re-establishing efficient use of the body. Exploratory movement can help identify habitual patterns and areas of tension within the body and the application of yoga postures offer the opportunity to relax and release, helping restore you to your natural, pain free state. This approach is perfect for working with injury rehabilitation, postural and alignment issues, relief from back and joint pain, improving range of movement, strength and flexibility, relief from general tension and aches and pains and as an aid to stress reduction, anxiety and depression.
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Yoga Teacher

Carolyn (Caz) had been practicing Yoga since her teens and teaching since 2008. Initially completing her Diploma with the British Wheel of Yoga in 2012, Caz's personal practice and teaching approach has been inspired by the unique insight into Yoga of the late Vanda Scaravelli and The Anatomy Trains fascial work by Thomas Myers. Caz continues to follow her passion in Bodyworks and Yoga by working with some of the leading Teachers in Yoga, anatomy, fascial research and movement.