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Sunday - 10:00 / 0 mins
Belmore Centre
Pilates Class - £10
Gabriel Danu
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Tel: 07928 596793
Mindfulness Meditation Classes.
*Learn to live in the present *Increase your awareness *Increase calmness and peacefulness *Increase focus and concentration *Reduce stress and anxiety *Relax body and mind *Increase self awareness *Create balance with your thoughts and emotions.
Professional profile
Mindfulness Meditation Teacher
Gabriel has been practicing meditation for over 10 years, practicing many forms of meditation from zazen to chanting mantra. With all the types of meditation he has done he found Mindfulness Meditation to be one of the most effective. 
The practice of Mindfulness and Mindfulness Meditation has so many wonderful benefits that can be applied to a person's life, so in 2018 he decided to study Mindfulness and meditation with the Centre of Excellence and attained diplomas in each subject so that he could teach Mindfulness and meditation to others.
Gabriel is keen to expand both his knowledge and experience so that he can help others apply the practices of Mindfulness into their own lives.